Black Belt Qualities

Responsibility:  Did you know that kids with good grades have more on their schedules than kids who don’t perform well in school? That’s because “doing more” requires that you develop responsibility.

Take a look at how you spend the rest of your days.

Do you get adequate rest?

Are you making time for good nutritious meals?

Are you watching too much TV?

When you are in school, your ability to manage time effectively ensures that you are well prepared for tests and that you meet necessary project deadlines.

Confidence:  You know that incredible feeling you have right after a great martial arts workout? That’s your confidence switched on. Martial arts has the ability to penetrate your inner self and empower you. Simply put, it makes you feel great about you.


It’s a combination of the effects of exercise combined with the feeling that you can accomplish anything.

Isn’t that the incredible feeling you have after class? As a martial artist, this feeling continues to grow within you and as you gain more experience in the martial arts, you will come to rely on this power to help you succeed. As you gear up for another challenging school year, remember that your greatest asset isn’t what’s in your school back pack but rather the person carrying it…YOU!

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