Martial Arts Success!

This past month SMA hosted it's Quarterly Graduation during which students from the SMA After School Program & Family Martial Arts Classes demonstrated their curriculum to earn their next rank.  Among the highlights, 4 students tested for 1st degree Black Belt.  We received a very impressive essay from a 9 year old SMA student testing for Black Belt.  His take on Karate training really embodies the true essence of the Martial Arts at SMA.

Black Belt Excellence Essay 

By: Maximillian Cynar, 9 year old SMA Black Belt


"I started martial arts at the age of 5. At that time I thought it was just about exercise and I wasn’t paying attention to exactly what the martial arts were about. 


My parents told me they wanted me to do the martial arts so I could become more organized, gain self esteem and learn how to defend myself.

Time has passed and now I know much better what the martial arts mean and what it takes to earn a Black Belt. It is not just exercise, it is a lifestyle. 


It is in everything I do and I everything I represent. The values such as perseverance, confidence, and self control give me strength to be a better son, student and person. It taught me to be open minded, sensitive to others and aware of other peoples needs. It took a lot of hard work, time and perseverance. 


I know it is not only to wear a Black Belt but to BE a Black Belt. The difference is that you have to use the values of a Black Belt in everything that you do. Becoming a Black Belt has been a journey of hard work. I’m so happy and grateful my parents signed me up so long ago. 


My future goals are to become a Master, Grandmaster and beyond. Another goal is to become an Instructor and teach other students so I can help them. Another goal is make martial arts an even bigger lifestyle. I will achieve these goals if I have perseverance and confidence."

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